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  Small flight recorder device that has built in antenna, rechargeable battery and large memory. It comes with simple but powerful Logbook software that enables you to view and share flights with your friends.
 Flight Recorder is registered in 8 countries for Silver and Gold FAI badge flights.
 Australia   Canada   France   Poland   Poland   Slovenia   United Kingdom   United States of America
 Post flights on OLC.    Logbook program is translated to 5 languages.
     English   France   German   Italian   Slovene
New Logbook release 4.80
This is important update with which improves communication between flyWithCE Logbook and flyWithCE server. Program update is recommended.
Application also enables BGA waypoint database import. Select Tools - Import Waypoints and Tasks and then select BGA waypoint type (*.txt).

Last important update is that you can use flyWithCE Logbook as logbook tool and import your IGC files even if you do now own flyWithCE Flight Recorder.

Flight Recorders approved by

The Irish Gliding and Soaring Association

Flight recorder FR300 has been approved by The Irish Gliding and Soaring Association as position recorder. Pilots in Ireland can record flights with FR300 and claim Silver and Gold FAI badges. For more information please check IGSA page.
Flight Recorders approved by

Aeroklub Polski

Flight recorders FR100 and FR300 have been approved by Aeroklub Polski as position recorders. Now pilots in Poland can record flights with FR100 or FR300 and claim Silver and Gold FAI badges.
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